About Indian Youth Congress

Pre-Independence: Students very prominently and positively participated in the National Movement. This was very clearly evident in 1905, when students protested against Lord Curzon’s decision of the partition of Bengal. This also had echoes in Northern India where students came out in large numbers to participate in the freedom movement in spite of the fact that the Indian National Congress at that time did not have a political outfit for the youth of the country.

Our Inspiration and

Shri Rahul Gandhi is the source of inspiration for IYC. He represents the youth of today and their voice. He is the ex-national president of Indian National Congress, the grand old political party of India. Rahul Gandhi is three-time Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha from Amethi in Uttar Pradesh. He holds an M.Phill degree in Development Studies from Trinity College, Cambridge University. As a politician with grit, he vociferously champions the causes of the common man in and out of the parliament. The issues endearing to the poor, marginalized, farmers, women and downtrodden remain closer to him. His thoughts and ideas are what drive the IYC to transcend different boundaries. Coming from a family who had dedicated their lives in the service of the nation, Rahul Gandhi remains embedded into the realities of the nation.

Reckoning the power of youth; he considers that they should step in politics and shape the destiny of the nation. Youth provides the impetus needed to drive the nation ahead.

Our Core Members

Through their actions and words, our core members inspire party members and supporters alike, motivating them to actively engage in the political process.

Shri Krishna Allavaru

Joint Secretary, INC
He is a lawyer by profession who has been associated with student politics since his days at the University of Delhi.

Shri Srinivas BV

President, IYC
He is very vocal about the issues affecting the youth and leaves no stone unturned in highlighting them.

Our Initiatives

These initiatives are demonstration of our commitment to addressing societal concerns and promoting our vision for a better community and country. They reflect our dedication to making positive changes and shaping policies that align with our values and priorities.

This is an initiative to promote the importance of voting amongst the first…

Yuva Shakti is devised to empower the youth in all the fields of life. This scheme is…

Together We can Make A Difference!

Through collective effort, we possess the potential to bring about significant positive change. By working together, united by a common purpose and shared values, we can achieve transformative outcomes that contribute to the betterment of our society. Our strength lies in our unity, transcending individual differences and embracing a shared vision for progress. Let us harness this collective strength to make a lasting difference and build a brighter future for all, guided by the principles that bind us together.

Shakti Super SHE

A community and conversation of the women, by the women and for the women.

Young India Live Series

With the objective to reach out to the youth of India directly, IYC has launched a Facebook live series, an online interactive session, called the ‘Young India Live Series’.

Become a Volunteer

Indian Youth Congress greatly values the unwavering support of all its volunteers. Your dedication and selfless contributions are pillars of strength to our cause. Sign up as a volunteer to provide your invaluable support to our mission of a secular, democratic, just and inclusive India.

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